Craftivism & Chat Archives

An overview of what took place at past sessions of Craftivism & Chat. 

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Craftivism & Chat Sessions in 2023

January 2023 - Money Workshop with Justine Jones 

February 2023 - Introduction to Parliment and how we can make change happen

Craftivism and Chat Groups in 2022

7th July 2022 - Staying well in Summer, Cost of Living Support & CQC's 'Because we all care' Campaign 

7th April 2022 - What Disabled People in Merton Need - A Poetry Workshop

13th January 2022 - Meet the Trustees and #MakeMertonAccessible Showcase 


Craftivism and Chat Groups in 2021

September 2021 - Using video and social media to speak up Workshop with Deaf Muslim Artist Sahera Khan

August 2021 - 

July 2021 - Your Merton consultation

June 2021 - Let's work together to push for change. Workshop exploring confidnece with Deaf and Disabled leaders 

May 2021 - Top tips for attening benefits health assessments with Merton CIL Caseworkers 

April - Deaf and Disabled views on health care and services in Merton with SW London CCG and Healthwatch Merton 

March 2021 - Vaccination Q&A with NHS Merton 

March 2021 - Top tips for managing social care issues independently

Feb 2021 - Mindfulness session and focus group on how pandemic has affected Deaf and Disabled people. 

Jan 2021 - Merton's local plan Consultation 


Craftivism and Chat Groups in 2020 

3rd December 2020 - Let's celebrate Deaf & Disabled People 

19th November 2020 - Well Being Catch Up - Staying well in Winter with SW London CCG 

5th November 2020 - Connection Poetry Workshop with Disabled Artist Richard Downes 

15th October 2020 - Hate Crime Awareness Week 

5th September 2020 - Staying connected online through social media with Disabled blogger & activist Emma Vogelmann

August's session was a face to face group that was unable to take place due to a change in goverment guidance

23rd July 2020 - Craftivism & Chat - Well Being Catch up - Staying Well in Warm Weather

2nd July 2020 - Hate Crime and Neighbour Disputes in Lockdown - What is hate crime, your expereinces and what to do if you need support

June - Well being Catch Up 

28th May 2020 - Sharing our GP/Health Services Experiences with Healthwatch Merton and SW London CCG & Top Tips for helping you to Confidentially take part in a Telephone Health Assessment with Senior Caseworker Karly 

28th April 2020 - Craftivism & Chat at home - Performances from Disabled Artists John Kelly & Richard Downes 

5th March 2020 - Improving Healthcare Together Consultation 

6th February 2020 - Richard Downes Choice and Control Poetry Workshop 

9th January 2020 - Made In Merton's Morris/Liberty Banner Making Workshop at Bee Creative Merton Abbey Mills 

Craftivism and Chat Groups in 2019 

Following the success of Craftivism and Chat in the last few months of 2018, we continued running the group and growing the project, securing funding from The Wimbledon Foundation. You can read more about the groups throughout 2019 below: 

10th January 2019 - Lets discuss Transport/Accessibility/Merton's new local plan and the Sutton Link & Postcard making

7th February 2019 - What Independent Living Means to you and how Merton CIL can support Independent Living with John Kelly & painting a canvas with oil paints

7th March 2019 - Lets discuss disability eqaulity & protest placard making

4th April 2019 - Sexual Health Consultation and Easter Egg Painting 

2nd May 2019 - Protest against Hate and Discrimination – A Song Workshop with Jackie Schneider

6th June 2019 - What is anti social behaviour? Your expereinces and how to report it with Merton CIL and Safer Merton followed by Summer Crafts Session 

4th July 2019 - Meet Louise from Blue Cross and Amada from QEF to discuss PIP motobility scheme, transport and accessibility

1st August 2019 - What do you think about housing for Deaf and Disabled People in Merton followed by Merton CIL 2020 calendar making

5th September 2019 - Access in Centre Court Wimbledon, How to stay warm and well with Age UK and Wimbledon Guild followed by Craftivist tote bag making. 

3rd October 2019 - Hate Crime Awarness Week, Neighbour Disputes and Safer Merton Consultation Response. 

Nov 2019 - 

Dec 2019 - Christmas wreath making workshop and meet the caseworkers 


Our Craftivism & Chat groups in 2018 

Craftivism and Chat was launched in August 2018. 

Following feedback from members, volunteers and supporters, we have given our previous members group a makeover. It is now to be controlled by members and volunteers. You will decide what is discussed. You will have creative space. And, you will have the opportunity to get involved in local decision making.

We piloted Craftivism & Chat from August - October 2018 and secured funding to keep the project going and growing. 

You can read more about what took place in the first 5 Craftivism & Chat groups below: 

2nd August 2018 - Our first Craftivism & Chat Group - Merton CCG listen to Disabled People's views on local health services

6th September 2018 - The Lives We Lead - Social Care Consultation & Disability Rights Posters 

4th October 2018 - Hate Crime Awareness week & Christmas Card Making 

1st Novmeber 2018 - Consultation on proposals to ban the distribution and/or sale of plastic straws & more in England

6th December 2019 - Complaints Workshop & Christmas Wreath Making