Craftivism & Chat

Craftivism and Chat

Craftivism and Chat is our monthly group that aims to reduce isolation and loneliness for Deaf and Disabled People through connection and Disability arts. The group also aims to achieve change locally by encouraging involvement in local decision making. Last year, 100% of attendees rated this group good or great. 

Craftivism and Chat is controlled by our members, supporters and volunteers and is always responsive to the needs of Deaf and Disabled people. The group also supports Disabled and local artists by hiring them to host workshops. You can read more about past groups here -

Craftivism and Chat in 2020

Craftivism and Chat in 2019

Craftivism and Chat in 2018


Changes to Craftivism and Chat during the pandemic

Deaf and Disabled people told us that the pandemic is having a negative effect upon their mental health. Therefore, we are offering an additional Craftivism and Chat group each month. This will be a wellbeing catch up for people to speak about issues that matter to them, stay connected and get peer support. We are also able to loan tablets to Deaf and Disabled people in Merton to help them get online, stay connected and avoid being digitally excluded. 


Throughout the pandemic, the group is being held on the video communications platform Zoom. Once it is safe to do so, the group will take place face to face at a location in Merton.



Craftivism and Chat Packs

We are also sending Craftivism and Chat packs to Deaf and Disabled members who would like to use art to speak up whilst staying home. We evern had support from superstar Craftivist Sarah Corbett to create our packs. You can read more here -



Everyone is welcome at Craftivism and Chat. We hope to see you there!


If you would like more information, if you are interested in coming along or would like to host a workshop, please get in touch.