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Craftivism & Chat is our monthly group for local Deaf and Disabled people as well as supporters of our work and the local community. 

Craftivism & Chat is controlled and shaped by our members and is always responsive to the needs of local Deaf and Disabled people. Merton CIL is a user led organisation and feedback from Craftivism & Chat shapes our services and directs our work. Last year, 100% of attendees rated this group good or great. 

The group provides an opportunity to reduce isolation and loneliness by coming together to create collaborative pieces of art or to have conversations sharing their experiences and increasing wellbeing. The materials created also make our social policy work more impactful, informed and evidence based.

Craftivism & Chat also provides an opportunity for us to work with the local authority and local organisations on co-production work that strives for policy and social change.


Catch up on what took place at past Craftivism & Chat sessions

You can find out more about what has taken place at past Craftivism & Chat sessions here.


Tell us what you think of Craftivism & Chat

You can give feedback on what you think of Craftivism & Chat, or if you have any ideas on how we can develop the project.


Are you an artist or an indivudual who would like to host a session?

Craftivism & Chat supports Deaf and Disabled people and local artists by hiring them to host co-produced workshops. We work together to use disability arts to push for change in a creative and accessible way. If you are interested in hosting a session please get in touch with Charlet -


Craftivism and Chat Packs

We send FREE Craftivism and Chat packs full of art supplies and creative prompts to Deaf & Disabled members who would like to use art to speak up and push for change. We were delighted to have had support from superstar Craftivist Sarah Corbett to create our packs. The art that you create with your packs feeds into our social policy work and makes our campaigning stronger.


Everyone is welcome at Craftivism and Chat. We hope to see you there!