Our Craftivism & Chat project aims to work with local Disabled people to build skills, confidence and increase connection through conversation and disability arts. We also use our lived experience and creativity to push for more inclusive communities. The project and its agenda is shaped by our members and the needs of Disabled people. 

Merton CIL members at Craftivism & Chat

Photo: Merton CIL members at Craftivism & Chat in March 2023 - A session that a Merton CIL member was supported to develop and host. 


Craftivism & Chat provides an opportunity to reduce isolation and loneliness by coming together to create collaborative pieces of art and have conversations where we share our experiences and explore wellbeing. The diability art created and feedback during conversations also helps us make to our social policy work more impactful, informed and evidence based.


Take a look at some of the art created by attendees at Craftivism & Chat here.


How you can get involved

1. Come along to a session 

You can read more about what is taking place at each session in 2024 in the events calendar on the right.

You can also download our 2024 leaflet here. 


2. Get involved from home

We created Craftivism & Chat packs during the the pandemic and we are reintroducing them from May 2024. We want to provide creative and accessible ways for local Disabled people to speak up and push for change, in ways that feel comfortable to us. The packs include guided creative exercises. If you are interested in receving a pack, then get in contact. 

The packs are free for Disabled people living in Merton - all that we require is that you share pictures of what you create with us. 

If you are a supporter and would like to purchase a Craftivism & Chat pack, please get in touch too. 


How to share what you create with us: 

We would love to see all that you create, so that we can share it with our members and inspire them to get involved with Craftivism and Chat too.

You can share pictures of your arts & crafts with us by posting to social media and tagging us on the following platforms :

Instagram/Facebook/TikTok/Twitter (X) - @MertonCIL

Or join our closed FB group: Merton CIL Members and Supporters

If you want what you create to be shared anonymously or you create a video you can email us at info@mertoncil.org.uk


3. Are you a local or Disabled artist? Why not host a session

Craftivism & Chat supports Disabled people and local artists by hiring them to host co-produced workshops. If you are creative and have a skill/hobby you would like to share with people please get in touch! We can organise for you to run a supported session. We are also keen for Disabled People to come together, socialise and share experiences. If there is a topic that you wish to speak about at the group please also get in touch. 


You can also:

- Catch up on what took place at past Craftivism & Chat sessions

You can find out more about what has taken place at past Craftivism & Chat sessions here.

- Tell us what you think of Craftivism & Chat

You can give feedback on what you think of Craftivism & Chat, or if you have any ideas on how we can develop the project.