On the 9th April 2024, Inclusion London held its Mayoral Hustings in Westminster. Our team went along to connect with other Disabled people’s organisations and Disabled Londoners to urge candidates to push for a more accessible, inclusive, and equitable London.

We are delighted to be one of the eight charities awarded a £31,250 grant by the Evening Standard's Dispossessed Fund. The Evening Standard raised £250,000 in their Winter Survival Appeal.

Liz worked with Wimbledon Common rangers to establish accessible routes.

We would like to see free care in people's homes, more accessible housing and a focus on increasing accessibility.

We are delighted that a new Changing Places Toilet (CPT) has been installed in the new Wimbledon Quarter Shopping Centre.

You can find out more about when we will close and reopen below.

Merton Centre for Independent Living and 4 other Deaf and Disabled People’s Organisations (DDPOs) have received funding build upon our current advice services. Part of this work will involve recruiting to part-time trainee advice work roles.

Merton Centre for Independent Living (Merton CIL) won the award for ‘Board Equity, Diversity and Inclusion’ at The UK Charity Governance Awards.

We are keen to hear your views on dockless hire bikes now that there are two providers in the borough, and we have seen an increase in dockless bikes in our community.