Merton CIL has welcomed requirements for a minimum of 2 metres space on pavements in new rules on street trading but called for more to be done to keep pavements clear.

The #MakeMertonAccessible campaign has been featured in the journal of the influential Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA).

Merton CIL contacted the Conservatives, Green Party, Labour and Liberal Democrat parties and candidates asking them to pledge to 6 actions if they are successful in the council elections next month. You can read more about our pledges here - We are happy to share responses from all parties contacted.

Merton CIL has called on parties and candidates to pledge to 6 actions if they are successful in the council elections next month.

Merton CIL has written to the borough's two Members of Parliament to urge them to support changes to make social care charges fair. The government has put forward the Health and Care Bill which will bring in a range of changes to adult social care. Merton CIL believes that there should not be charges for social care services, in the same way there are no changes for health services and has written to local MPs Stephen Hammond and Siobhain McDonagh to urge them to support changes to the Bill to at least make the current system fairer and to look at ending charges altogether.

Research has shown that Deaf and Disabled people face a higher cost of living because of their impairments/conditions. We may need to keep our homes warmer, run the washing machine more often, pay for care/support or run a car. Some of these costs cannot be avoided for many Deaf and Disabled people. And, these costs are going up.

Merton CIL will close for the holiday season on Friday 24th Dec 2020 at 2pm. We will reopen on Tuesday 4th Jan 2022 from 9am.

Help us raise money to keep our important work going in 2022 and be in with the chance of winning a hamper with over 15 goodies inside. Enter by 5pm on 22nd Dec 2021.

Merton CIL has expressed concern about the lack of consideration of accessible housing in the Council's consultation on its housing strategy which covers how new housing will be delivered in the borough.

Over the past year, there has been lots of evolving and adapting happening at Merton CIL. In this edition we update you on the updates to our services and urge member to get in touch. We are keen to hear from our members about how we are doing and if there is anything that we can improve. You can find out more on page 9.