We are delighted to launch our new 'Speaking Up' service. 


We all want to have choice and control over our lives, and to live in a place where we feel we belong and can get involved.

However, many Disabled people experience structural barriers that impact our ability to live our lives in ways that we are happy with.

Merton CIL’s new ‘Speaking Up’ service aims to work with local Disabled people to navigate access & communication issues that are worsened by our health conditions with the aim of challenging structural barriers to make sure that we get the support needed to feel included, listened to and able to live well. 


There will be an initial focus on navigating health care and services. You can get in touch for support if:

  • You are having difficulties registering with a GP
  • You need support to speak up at a GP appointment
  • You have been removed from a GP’s register
  • You need support to build the confidence to ask for a change in your care or treatment
  • You have been refused health care
  • You are isolated and/or lonely and need support to explore options to help.
  • You need support to speak up about accessibility issues within health care and services
  • You need support around the extra cost of disability and its impact on your health and wellbeing


Referrals will only be accepted if there is a particular issue, and we can establish what you would like the outcome of our work together to be. This will be discussed clearly at our first meeting. We do not provide long term and ongoing support.


We will also provide ‘Speaking Up’ sessions which are a series of workshops that will aim to increase self-advocacy skills within local Disabled people. These sessions will cover:

  • Digital skills
  • Understanding and navigating barriers
  • Using your lived experience to push for change


Other information:

Keep an eye on our website and social media for more information.