Speaking up: Supporting you to speak for yourself, to say the things you want to say, about the things that matter to you.

Choice and ControlInformed Choices: Supporting you to organise your life the way you want to. We won’t make choices for you; we will support you to understand what different choices might mean for you.

Taking control: We will work with you and alongside you. We won’t do things for you. Our services are there to offer practical support for you to take control.

Money: Supporting you around money, so that you have choices and options.

ConnectionRights: Supporting you to have your choices and rights to an independent life respected and protected.

Equality: Supporting you to achieve the same equality in living your life as any other person in our community.

Connection: Through our groups and events you can get to meet other people. You can be involved with what we do, if you want to.

Confidential: We will keep your information private and safe. Confidentiality isn’t absolute. We have to tell someone if you are going to be hurt or hurt someone else.

Independence and AutonomyIndependent: We will work with you on the things that are important to you. We don’t work for the Council or anyone else. We are run by disabled people, for disabled people in Merton.