Craftivism and Chat - November 2018 

What took place in the group: 

  • Consultation on proposals to ban the distribution and/or sale of plastic straws, plastic - stemmed cotton buds and plastic drink stirrers in England
  • We strayed from the agenda which was to create art that highlighted what life is like being Deaf or Disabled in Merton and created a poster in response to our the straw consultation


We had a number of members and supported in attendance who had very strong views on the issue of banning straws (in particular) in England. We had a rather long discussion led by our Policy and Strategy manager, Michael. There was lots of interesting comments and feedback that Michael took away and used to pull together a consultation reponse. 

Thank you to all our members and supporters who helped us feed back to Government how we feel about plans to ban plastic straws. In summary, we said we want to save the environment too, but, please don't ban plastic straws until there is a real alternative (there isn't one yet), because some Disabled People need them to drink!

Merton CIL were also invited to share our views at a Merton Council Task Group on single use plastics, we hope we did justice to our members' views. 

You can read the full consultation response here: Consultation Response Plastic Straw Proposed Ban 

You can see the poster that we created below - how great is it?

Straws Poster - CC Nov 18