Craftivism and Chat - 2nd May 2019

Protest against Hate and Discrimination – A Song Workshop with Jackie Schneider


We had a blast at this months Craftivism group. Jackie Schneider, who is a local adctivist and music teacher, came along to conduct a song workshop focused around hate and discrimination. At the beginning of the group everyone was a little shy but by the end we had all found our voices. Everyone felt confident to get involved and we even had a few solo performances.

We began by warming up our vocal cords with a number of chants. You can hear one here: where we sing about needing a new CEO, as Lyla is unfortunatley leaving. 


Jackie, Estifanos, Rhainne, Sarah and Jane at CC

This was then followed by the group practising and performing a number of protest songs, as well as an African chant. We ended by with a repetative low range song which left everyone feeling relaxed. We had great feedback from the group. People felt as though it was fun, something new and relaxing. The group was keen for Jackie to run a follow up session - so if you missed out, keep an eye on our social media and website for a follow up session. 

CC Feedback 4th May

 You can read one of the song sheets here and have a go at home - Calling All People Song Sheet