Merton CIL Board of Trustees


We are currently looking for a new treasurer and two new trustees to join our board. If you are interested and want to find out more please contact us via email -


Find out more about our dedicated board of trustees below:


Roy Benjamin - Chair of Merton CIL


Roy Benjamin, Chair or Merton CIL 

Roy has worked in the social care field for most of his professional life. For the last 30 years has been an ardent campaigner for equalities and was a city councillor in Birmingham. Roy is a founding member of Merton CIL and has been chair since we were incorporated in 2011.




Gina Vettese, Vice Chair of Merton CIL

Gina has been disabled since she was 13 years old. She has been part of the Go4M and has been working with Merton CIL since it was just a steering group. Gina is also a talented seamstress.


Claire Benjamin


Claire Benjamin

Claire is a visually impaired mum of 2 disabled children and has lived in Merton for 15 years. For the last 20 years she worked in the public sector promoting involvement of disabled people in decisions that affect their lives.


amanda e

Amanda Edwards 

The values of  inclusion and equality which are the basis for your work are ones which I share and have lived throughout my working life. I have seen the difference that a strong voice and good support can make to people’s lives from my time as a manager and social worker in South London, to working on policy at the Department of Health and most recently at SCIE with people who use services as board members and on committees to produce good practice advice and guidance. Merton CIL has expanded quickly and now needs to sustain that growth and good reputation. This can be both an exciting and difficult time and my experience of how organisations work and can change means that I can give an independent view.


2014-09-22 10.33.51 slim


Slim Flegg, MBE 

Slim is an extremely active resident of Merton. Slim was a local Councillor and Mayor of Merton twice. He also helped found both Go4M and Merton CIL.




Estifanos Habtesellasie


I have been volunteering and largely involved at Merton CIL since late 2015. I began initially doing administrative tasks and have since grown to represent Merton CIL at community engagement meetings and a number of other forums. I am also a founding member of Merton CIL’s  monitoring and evaluation steering group, which aims to improve the services delivered by Merton CIL. I am currently training to  become an information and advocacy volunteer. I’m looking to become a trustee and contribute to Merton CIL’s future direction.




Sarah at the Funding Fair


Sarah Henley

Sarah lives in Merton and brings her sense of fun and adventure to every board meeting.




 Raheema Olajide Raheema Olajide is Disabled and was interested in being a trustee at Merton CIL as she has an interest in helping people. She worked as a Civil Servant for many yearsand was on the Disability Advisory Group in her department. Raheema is also a founding member of Merton CIL’s monitoring and evaluation steering group, which aims to improve the services delivered by Merton CIL.