Craftivism and Chat Group - 5th September 2019

Access in Centre Court Wimbledon, How to stay warm and well with Age UK and Wimbledon Guild followed by Craftivist tote bag making. 

If you did not come along to Craftivism in September, you really missed out. We had a great chat, created lovely tote bags, engaged with centre court Wimbledon around access and Age UK/Wimbledon Guild let us know how they could help us stay warm and well this winter. Everyone also got a chance to meet our new CEO Tom who is pictured below with attendees Sarah and Rhianne. 

ceo tom at craftivism


Simon Plumb, manager of Centre Court Wimbledon came along to speak to Merton CIL members about how he could improve the shopping experience for Deaf and Disabled People in Centre Court shopping centre Wimbledon.

We spoke about the accessibility of the centre. We felt that there was a need for more chairs and places for people to rest when shopping. We also felt as though there was some work to be done with retailers around accessibility within the shops. Its not always easy to get around in a wheelchair or electric scooter because of positioning of stock. We were also keen for Simon to consider having a quiet place for people with conditions such as autism. We also voiced concerns about the bollards outside of centre court and the dropped curbs at the side entrances. However, centre court is not responsible for these.

Simon was also keen to get local Deaf and Disabled peoples views on the Disabled toilets in the centre. There are three Disabled toilets in the centre. One in the café court and two in delivery areas of the centre. Simon wanted our opinion on if we thought he should close off the two toilets in the delivery areas and focus on the refurbishing the Disabled toilet in the café court. We said no way! Deaf and Disabled people need more than one toilet in the centre. We expressed that we felt that there was a need for a changing places toilet in centre court. One member mentioned that Disabled people do not go out if they know that facilities that they need are not there. Attendees were very passionate about the demand for a changing places toilet in the centre. Trustee Slim also urged that centre court promotes the toilets as accessible toilets and not disabled. Centre Court will be getting us involved in improving accessibility in the centre so please get in touch if you would liek to share your views. 

 Wimbledon Guild Warm and Wel Presentation


Dominic of Age UK Merton and Sally and Catherine of Wimbledon Guild discussed how we can stay warm and well this winter and what we can do to help. They discussed the importance of getting connected and staying active to avoid loneliness during winter. How to get the flu jab to stay well. Making sure your home is winter ready. They are offering free home energy checks. They are limited so get in touch quickly.

They also provide a range of supportive services such as advice, financial support for individuals and more. Sally is also running a range of talking therapy sessions both group and individual.

You can read more about the project and the services provided here -