Disabled People say "Keep all core services at St Helier Hospital."


At our Craftivism and Chat group that was held on 6th March 2020, Disabled people responded to the Improving Healthcare Together 2020 - 2030 consultation. In September 2019, NHS Surrey Downs, Sutton and Merton CCGs were allocated £500 million to improve the current buildings at Epsom and St Helier hospitals as well as build a new specialist emergency care hospital on one of the three sites – Epsom, St Helier or Sutton. Their preferred option is Sutton Hospital. We asked our members to respond to the consultation on the proposed changes to our local NHS services, so that Disabled voices are heard.

Craftivism - March



Our members made a number of recommendations as well as speaking about the issues Disabled people face in accessing local health services:


  • 70% of attendees felt that the changes proposed were poor or very poor solutions
  • 100% of attendees felt that St Helier was the most fitting of the proposed sites
  • Members said that they should use the money to improve and keep all core services at St Helier
  • Sutton and Epsom Hospitals are not easily accessible for Disabled people in Merton
  • Transport connections between Sutton, Epsom and St Helier need to be improved and made fully accessible
  • Carers and PA’s of Disabled people need to be through about in the planning to ensure Disabled people access the quality of care that they need
  • Members discussed social care being looked after by the NHS and not the local authority
  • Improving technology and connecting the three sites to make things easier for staff and patients



There is still time to share your views, you can complete the consultation or share your views here – You have until 1st April 2020: https://improvinghealthcaretogether.org.uk/consultation/talk-to-us/



You can read our full consultation response here: Improving Healthcare Together 2020 – 2030 – Merton CIL Consultation Response




You can read our press release here: