Merton CIL's general enquiries telephone line will now open from 10am to 2pm only.

Accessible toilets in community spaces are crucial to supporting Disabled residents to live independently. The lack of accessible toilets is a recurring topic at Merton CIL’s Access Champions meetings. It is important that we as Disabled people share our views to help improve the provision of public toilets and push to #MakeMertonAccessible.

This council are currently consulting our community on how the provision of public toilets in Merton affects people in their daily lives, especially older people and those with health conditions requiring more frequent visits to the toilet. Please have your say by 3rd April!

We are seeking a passionate and skilled Deaf or Disabled person or person with a long-term health condition to join our AQS accredited Information & Advice service, as a Caseworker.

Merton CIL will be closed from 3pm on Friday 23rd December, and reopens at 9am on Tuesday 3rd January.

At this years Annual General Meeting (AGM), Co-Chairs Amanda Edwards and Gina Vettese and Joint CEOs David Jenkins and Charlet Wilson, shared Merton CIL’s successes and challenges over the past year and ambitions for the future.

Over the years there has been lot’s of research into different aspects of transport. Travel patterns and behaviours are understood very well. But Transport For All think something is missing from the data – the experiences of Disabled people.

Merton CIL is disappointed to hear that the council has no plans to take advantage of the second potential opportunity to apply for changing places funding and make local spaces more accessible for Disabled people.

The new Disability Poverty Campaign Group (DPCG), which includes Merton CIL, and the Disability Benefits Consortium have issued a stark warning to the Prime Minister that Deaf and Disabled people in the UK face ‘’devastating, intensifying levels of poverty.’’

Almost 40 local Disabled people and supporters attended our annual “My Voice Matters” event on 25th August 2022 to share their thoughts and ideas on the direction of Merton CIL’s future work.