The main topics covered were:

  • The need for several businesses to provide ramps, so that people using mobility aids (such as wheelchairs, mobility scooters and rollators) can enter the premises.
  • A dwindling lack of choice when it comes to shopping and eating out.
  • The need for public toilets, including good facilities for Disabled people (ideally, a Changing Places Toilet).
  • Antisocial behaviour that makes people feel unsafe.
  • Confusing traffic light crossings where Upper Green West, the A236 and London Road intersect.


Access Champions & Mitcham Town Manager in Mitcham


Mark informed us that:

  • One way in which the Council are trying to make the space feel safer is by increasing the number of family-friendly events held there e.g. a lot of work is going into reinvigorating Mitcham Market.
  • A large number of responses to last year’s consultation on the future of Mitcham town centre highlighted the need for public toilets. Hence, the Council see this as a priority, especially because of the growth of Mitcham Market and the likelihood of new housing in the area.
  • He understands that it is completely unfair that some people simply cannot access certain places because there is no ramp. He will try to address this problem.
  • Transport for London are responsible for the traffic light crossings, so Merton CIL will need to contact them about the confusing set-up.


We hope to continue the conversation to make our community more inclusive for all. If you are keen to get involved in discussions pushing to #MakeMertonAccessible why not join our Access Champions group? You can find out more here.