#makemertonaccesible - Supporting Deaf and Disabled people to speak up about access issues in Merton

Man in front of ramp saying at last

We want Merton to be fully accessible for all. We are currently working with Deaf and Disabled people and supporters in Merton to bring attention to access issues in local spaces, raise these concerns with the local authority and make change happen. Please let us know if you have spotted any accessibility issues around the borough. You can tweet us, email us, send us a picture on Instagram or use the hashtag #makemertonaccessible

We also have a dedicated group of access champions that are available to provide feedback on public spaces from a position of lived experience. The group is made up of local Disabled people and supporters. You can find out more here - Merton CIL's Access Champions


You can read more about what we are doing to work towards making Merton accessible for all below: 


Working with Centre Court Shopping Centre to encourage Wimbledon based retailers to support Deaf and Disabled people to shop independently

We collaborated with Centre Court Shopping Centre to host Purple Tuesday, an international call-to-action, focused on changing the customer experience for Disabled people. This was the launch of a year long piece of work around accessibility and improving the local shopping experience for Deaf and Disabled people.

purple tuesday - centre court staff and mertoncil on purple Tuesday

We plan to work with local Deaf and Disabled people to conduct an independence contest where each store within centre court has their accessibility reviewed and recommendations made. This will help the benefits of Purple Tuesday to be felt all year long. 

You can read our press release here - Centre Court Shopping Centre and Merton CIL encourage Wimbledon based retailers to support Deaf and Disabled People to shop independently for Purple Tuesday.

Manager of Centre Court Shopping Centre, Simon also came along to Craftivism and Chat to get Deaf and Disabled people's views on how they should refurbish their toilets and hear about our experiences of the shopping centre. We highly recommended a changing places. You can read more here - https://www.mertoncil.org.uk/getting-involved/craftivism-and-chat/5th-september-2019-access-in/

Unfortunately this work has been placed on hold due to the pandemic.


All England Lawn and Tennis Club - Wimbledon  

 Our access champions met with AELTC and their architects to discuss their new courts on Grand Drive in Raynes Park. You can read more about our feedback and recommendations here - The All England Lawn and Tennis Club Accessibility Review Meeting Notes


Past Policy & Strategy Work

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