Factsheets relating to the current Coronavirus pandemic


The Coronavirus Act & What this means for Disabled people Factsheet 

At Merton CIL we are working to ensure that the rights of Deaf and Disabled people are maintained throughout the current pandemic. The Coronavirus Act sets out emergency laws in relation to the coronavirus crisis. Parts of The Coronavirus Act’s suspend duties under The Care Act. This factsheet informs what this means for Disabled people and what the main changes are. At present, the London Borough of Merton, has not implemented any easements.

You can download a PDF of our Coronavirus Act Factsheet - Here


Direct Payments Factsheet 

For many Disabled people direct payments are key to having choice and control in their lives. Like everyone else, people using direct payments are having to make changes to their lives to take account of the Covid 19 crisis and the dangers of catching and spreading the virus. This factsheet gives is mainly for people who employ their own personal assistants, including details given by the Council and in the government’s guidance.

You can download a PDF of our Direct Payments Factsheet - here


Staying Well Factsheet 


Loneliness, living alone and poor social connections are as bad for your health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day (Holt-Lunstad, 2010). Research conducted by Sense has shown that up to 50% of Disabled people will be lonely on any given day. The current coronavirus pandemic has amplified this. The causes of loneliness and isolation among Disabled people are complex and over the next few months we hope to work with Disabled people to identify the best ways to address this growing issue. This factsheet shares our top tips for staying well and what we hope to see change in Merton. 

You can download a PDF of our Staying Well Factsheet - here


Benefits and Money Factsheet

The Covid-19 crisis has meant the government has had to change the way people applying for PIP or being reassessed having been on DLA. This factsheet gives you details about these changes.

You can download the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) Factsheet - here 

You can download the Money & Benefits Factsheet - here


Disability Hate Crime - Support and Reporting Factsheet

This factsheet gives details of the help available to anyone who is either dealing with a disability hate crime or is a survivor of a disability hate crime in the past but still needs support with any issues that have come out of the experience.

You can download the Disability Hate Crime Factsheet - here