Merton CIL will raise awareness of these issues with the candidates and parties standing in the election.

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At Craftivism & Chat in February, we hosted an interactive discussion via Zoom to help us pull together 6 things we’d like the new council to look at. Issues such as housing, accessibility, mental health support and services and more, were raised. We were also joined by Merton Citizens UK who shared information about their work around the local elections.


Useful information about voting


1. Merton CIL - Merton Local Elections 2022 Have Your Say – Sign up to Vote! Information Pack 

Merton Local Elections 2022 Have Your Say – Sign up to Vote! Information Pack

Read here - Merton Local Elections 2022 Have Your Say – Sign up to Vote! 


2. You can find all the information about registering to vote and different ways of voting on the Council’s website here:


3. There is a useful guide to what local elections are about and what councillors do here: 


4. This website tells you who your local canididates are -


5. Inclusion London's local election toolkit -



We are still keen to hear from more members and supporters. Share your thoughts on the issues we would like the new council to look at or how you have found the voting process in Merton by sending us a message below. If you would like to speak to someone we can also arrange a short call with our policy manager, Michael.