One of our core values as an organisation is about learning. We want to hear from you about how we’re doing as an organisation, so that we can keep improving the services we deliver to you.


If you have used our service over the past 12 months you may receive a call from us asking if you would be willing to provide some feedback on the service that you received. We understand that sometimes people are worried about giving negative feedback, and we just want to say that we really want to know about everyone’s experiences, good and bad. We have appointed CVA as an independent organisation to help us with this work. Please be as honest as you can be as it is all about service improvement.


If you would like to give feedback via telephone or email please feel free to contact Charlet on or 020 3397 3119.


Any feedback you are able to give us will help us improve and develop our services so that they can be as good possible and so that we can continue running services for disabled people in Merton.