Compact Complaint Leading to Some Positive Outcomes

In May we let our members know about the outcome of a complaint we had made to the Compact Board. Since then we have been following up with Merton Council about the three recommendations made by the Compact Board.

1. "Council to ensure a draft escalation process is developed in collaboration with voluntary sector providers by end of June 2018 and that this is shared widely with Merton voluntary sector organisations, to ensure issues are raised in a timely and appropriate way. The key focus of the escalation process should be on improving the welfare and wellbeing of Merton’s residents." 

We've been advised that the voluntary sector will get to comment on a draft of the new escalation process this summer, and we're looking forward to providing input on this.

2. "Council and MCIL to jointly consider whether the briefings previously delivered by Merton CIL on the theme of what independent living means for local people, should be revisited to ensure a better shared understanding of the issues amongst relevant council staff."

We've written to Merton Council officers asking to restart our Independent Living briefings, which previously got really great feedback. 

3. "Council to ensure that an assessment of the health needs of disabled people is included in the evidence base for the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment and helps to inform future commissioning intentions and the delivery of services."

We're working closely with Merton Council to try to make this happen, and we also continue to work hard to try to ensure that Disabled people are visible in Council policies and strategies.


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