Welcome to the 'Access and Inclusion Issue' of CIL Matters


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CILL Matters Newsletter Issue 20

We are so proud to present this newsletter which has a record number of contributions from you, our members and supporters, thank you!

The theme for this edition is “Access and Inclusion” and it is jam-packed with news and views, and we could have said so much more. We’ve covered access to elections, access to information, access to justice, health, benefits and decision-making. And of course access to travel and getting out and about and using local services.

There are still far too many barriers preventing Disabled people from participating fully in society and I would really encourage you to start raising these issues where you can. In fact, on page 23 one of our members has been very successful in raising concerns about poor access to physiotherapy services. Plus, you can check out Inclusion London’s top tips for challenging discrimination on page 6.

I can’t wrap up without telling you how excited I am to invite you all to our birthday celebrations – Merton CIL is 10 this year, and we think we all deserve a party! Find out more on the next page, I can’t wait to welcome you all! And, final word to our members as always; we’re filming people’s stories as part of our celebrations. There is still time to get in touch and tell your story.

We hope that you enjoy the newsletter.