We responded to the Commons Select Committee with 2 case studies highlighting some of the issues our members and service users have seen with ESA and WCA. In summary, we said:

Our experience of working with clients through the ESA applications and appeals demonstrates that the process is broken. People are being wrongly found fit for work and the anxiety of the WCA, the delay in getting an outcome, and then having to appeal, is deeply stressful. WCA’s are being booked far from where people live, and the fact that they have managed to attend counts against them. Appointments are given with very little notice and rescheduled on the day, sometimes with just a few hours warning.
We have seen an increase in people reporting suicidal feelings as a result of the length and complexity of the appeals process and the financial impact which has forced people to make heat or eat decisions. We have had to become a centre which provides food vouchers as a direct result of this situation. Finally, even where people are successful on appeal, some find themselves in a revolving door of reassessment which can be very stressful given their previous experiences.
You can find out more about the enquiry here (opens in external website)