The Better Working with Disabled People consultation asks what should replace Equality 2025 so the government can, ‘strengthen and broaden input in policy development from the lived experience of disabled people’. They gave a number of different options which we responded to

In summary we said:

We don’t feel that the idea of having a separate Advice Group and Engagement Forum fulfills the principles stated in the consultation. Proper engagement of disabled people’s views and experiences should be a function of the Advice Group. To have a separate entity of just 30-40 people excludes many many voices and risks becoming sidelined and seen as non-experts. There should only be an Advice Group and this group should be made up of people with lived experience of disability. In addition, we think the Advice Group must be convened on a regular basis and have a clear communication structure and remit to address a broad range of issues, rather than being called on an ad hoc basis. Disabled people’s experience is a key criteria and should be valued on an equal footing with other types of expertise which may be relevant such as knowledge of housing policy issues etc. We don’t agree that there should be a separate engagement forum as this risks being tokenistic. engagement of views from a wide range of people should be a core function of the advisory group. Value for money can best be achieved by listening to and acting on disabled people’s experience and views. This requires commitment on the part of the Government to act on the findings and advice of the Advice Group.
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