Choice Control and Independent Living - A Review of Social Care in Merton

Social Care - independent living

Merton CIL has reviewed the current position of adult social care in the borough. We also brought together a panel of speakers who reflected on best practice locally and nationally, which can be built on to support Deaf and Disabled People to live independent lives. 

Our full report is now available: Choice, Control and Independent Living PDF

An easyread summary is available here: Choice,_Control_and_Independent_Living._Easy_Read_Summary_Oct_2018.pdf

You can watch footage of our AGM and future of social care panel discussion via Merton TV here –


You can listen to audio of the event here –


Consultation Responses 

The Lives We Lead Consultation Respose - The Local Government Association (LGA) held a nationwide consultation on how to pay for adult social care. The consultation was seeking the views of people and organisations from across society on how best to pay for care and support for adults of all ages and their unpaid carers, and aimed to make the public a central part of the debate.


You can read our full response here - The Lives We Lead Consultation Response Sept 2018