Capital Call was originally developed in addition to the Taxicard scheme, using minicabs and private hire vehicles in the parts of London, like Merton, where London black taxis are less easy to get. Capital Call is also more flexible and user-friendly than Taxicard. Transport for London claim that Capital Call duplicates Taxicard and isn’t used by many people. However, the reality is that Taxicard is also subject to cuts and lacks flexibility. Our Chair, Roy Benjamin, is so concerned by the proposed cuts to the service that he has spoken to the local press about it, and he attended a consultation event about the proposals.


“Transport for London organised a meeting of Capital Call users to a public consultation which was attended by over 50 users, following pressure from Transport for All. It was indicated that over 200 responses to their consultation were received, and if the public meeting was anything to go by the response was overwhelmingly in favour of retaining the scheme.


Key points raised were:


  • Capital call is more flexible allowing longer journeys than Taxicab.
  • You know how much your journey will cost before you start.
  • It is a complimentary service not duplicating Taxicab.


A further point raised at the meeting was that if the Capital Call service was to be cut the money should be ring-fenced to enhance Taxicab and that a budget should be given to users and the limit on swipes should be raised so as to give real choice.”


Users need to write to their London Assembly Member to ask for continued support for the scheme. In Merton, this is Richard Tracey 020 7983 4389 or contact their local Councillor.


See us in the local press too here (link to external website)