We want a society where Deaf and Disabled people can take control over their lives and achieve full participation. Our policy and campaigns work aims to achieve this through working with local Deaf and Disabled people to ensure our voices are heard in decision making processes that affect our lives. We also work hard to ensure that our members see their lived experience as expertise in the push for a more equitable society. 

You can read about some of our past work by clicking the links below: 

Benefits and Money

  1. Scrap Benefit Sanctions 
  2. Improve the Benefits System

Social Care 

  1. Choice, Control and Independent Living - A review of social care in Merton


  1. Housing for Deaf and Disabled people in Merton


  1. #makemertonaccesible - Supporting Deaf and Disabled people to speak up about access issues in Merton
  2. Dockless Bikes in Merton 
  3. Merton CIL calls for better toilet provision for a more #IncLOOsive borough.


  1. The effect of the coronavirus pandemic on Deaf and Disabled people in Merton


  1. Merton's local Council elections 2022 - What are our needs, experiences and wishes?

  2. 'Starting to Stop It' - A progress report on disability hate crime in Merton
  3. Black Lives Matter


You can read more about our current member led and collaborative policy work here.


And you can read more about past policy work below: