The rising cost of living as a Deaf or Disabled person


If you open an newspaper, turn on the TV or the radio or browse social media, you will see that the costs of food, gas, electricity, petrol and more are increasing.


Research has shown that Deaf and Disabled people face a higher cost of living because of our impairments/conditions. We may need to keep our homes warmer, run the washing machine more often, pay for care/support or run a car. Some of these costs cannot be avoided for many Deaf and Disabled people. And, these costs are going up.


The government has announced help for people with higher gas and electricity costs, but they do not cover the whole increase, and there has been no recognition of the higher cost of living for Deaf and Disabled people, many of who already experience financial difficulties.


If you are facing difficulties, please contact Merton CIL for information and advice. We can help with:

  • benefits checks to make sure you are getting all the support you are entitled to
  • Support you to apply for grants to help with energy and other unexpected costs
  • And also refer you to other support available in Merton.


You can find out more here -


You can also find out about other services that may be able to help here -


And if you are happy to share any of your experiences, please get in to touch as this will help with Merton CIL’s policy and campaigns work to improve financial support for Deaf and Disabled people with London-wide and national partners.