We Support National Hate Crime Awareness Week

Merton CIL want people to come forward and report hate crime. However, hate crimes against disabled people are almost all under the radar. We are supporting National Hate Crime Awareness Week to help make more people aware of hate crime and hate incidents, and find out how to report it and stop it.



What is hate crime?

A hate crime is when someone commits a crime against you because of your disability, gender, identity, race, sexual orientation, religion or any other difference. Hate crime could be bullying, harassment, offensive language, damaging property, or physical violence. Being targeted because of who you are or who they think you are, is a crime.


Please tell someone!

Hate crime is not ok. You might want to shrug it off if it happens to you. But if you report it, it can be investigated and stopped from getting worse. You can report anything happening to you or to someone else.  Even if you are not sure if it is a crime, you can still report it.


Merton CIL’s Chief Executive, Lyla Adwan-Kamara said: “We have been working with disabled survivors of hate crime, including survivors of physical and financial abuse, to build up their confidence to stand up to the perpetrators. It can take many hours of support before people feel able to take action and to approach the police, and our team are able to help them with that process.”


If you want to find out more, Merton CIL, Victim Support and other community groups will be out and about during hate crime awareness week with the Merton Police Reassurance Bus, so come along and say ‘hello’.


Time and Venue

Monday 16th October

09:00 - Civic Centre - Victim Support bus on piazza
10:00 - Pollards Hill Horizon Centre

Tuesday 17th October

10:00 - Phipps Bridge Community Centre

Wednesday 18th October 

10:00 (All Day) Vestry Hall

Thursday 19th October

10:00 - Wimbledon Town Centre Piazza – outside Morrisons

Friday 20th October

10:00 - Wimbledon Town Centre Piazza –outside Morrisons


If you want to talk to the police about bullying and harassment that has already happened, ring 101

SMS text users: text 18001 101

To register for 999 text service for Deaf people, text ‘register’ to 999 and you will get a text back to tell you what to do.


If you don’t want to contact the police straight away and you would like support to make a report, there are lots of organisations who can help you. You can get in touch with Merton CIL, or you can find other organisations to support you on Merton Council’s website http://www2.merton.gov.uk/community-living/communitysafety/hatecrime.htm