The Council is consulting on a new policy for shops to get licenses to display and sell goods on pavements and for eating and drinking venues to put tables and chairs on pavements.


During and following the pandemic, we saw local businesses use pavement space to deliver serives and sell goods outside. This did and continues to cause issues for local Disabled people when accessing our community. 


‘We are pleased that the Council says it will only allow this where a minimum of 2 metres space is left for pedestrians, and that they recognise that this is important to Disabled people,’ says Merton CIL’s co-chair, Gina Vettese. 


‘However, we are concerned about how these rules will work with other barriers on pavements that aren't covered by these rules – things like ‘A board’ adverts, permanent adverts and delivery mopeds parked on pavements.’


Merton CIL has asked the Council to consider how these issues combine to create access barriers when granting licenses and in enforcement.


If you’re interested in getting involved in or finding out more about our work around access issues like this - please see our #MakeMertonAccessible campaign