Have your say and get ready to vote in the General Election on December 12th 2019


Traditionally Disabled people have faced barriers to voting and democratic engagement. These barriers can include a lack of accessible information, inaccessible polling stations and society’s failure to properly value the voices and choices of Disabled people.

These days, political decisions are having a direct impact on the day-to-day lives of Deaf and Disabled people. Disabled people need to make sure our voices are heard in the democratic process. Voting and getting involved in activity in the lead up to elections is one important way to do this.

We want local Disabled people to get involved, so we have written a short guide on how to register to vote and the voting process.

Have a read - General Election 2019 Have Your Say - Sign Up To Vote!


I don’t know who to vote for, where can I find out more?

Merton CIL can’t and won’t tell you who to vote for. There are different ways for you to inform yourselves and make your decision. 

You could check out the different party manifestos – this is what they say they will do if they are elected – some are yet to release their manifestos but keep an eye on their websites below:

Conservatives: https://www.conservatives.com/
Green Party: https://campaigns.greenparty.org.uk/manifesto/

Labour: http://www.labour.org.uk/
Liberal Democrats: http://www.libdems.org.uk/

There will be lots of coverage on TV and in the newspapers. Lots of people will have an opinion on who to vote for and why, and you could connect with different groups and organisations who are attempting to highlight some of the key issues and policies which you think are important. Also, keep an eye out for any hustings events going on in and around Merton.