We used this image on our facebook page and on my twitter account with the kind permission of our dear friend Dave Lupton, one of the great cartoonists within our ever flourishing movement.

Dave let’s us do this gratis. Similarly we offer  free training to our volunteers for 4 Wednesdays; twice a year – typically may and October.

The courses include; Disability Equality, 12 Pillars of Independent Living and The History of the Disabled People’s Movement where we look at legislation, and the roles people played to make rights for disabled people a reality.

We have a ask of you.

Today we are using social media to ask you to help us recruit disabled people you think could become volunteers at MCIL. Consider the merits of volunteering for disabled people who may be talking to you about boredom, loneliness, social isolation and those who may never have worked before as well as those who you feel have talents that would benefit MCIL. Check with them that they would be interested in volunteering before nominating them to me. I will contact them for interview before offering 4 days of training on each Wednesday during October.

Share our posts and blogs widely. Use the social media tools at your disposal but most importantly get real and talk to people. Tell them about the potential. Let them know MCIL are recruiting for a variety of roles from advice, to advocacy,to admin reception work. Let them know we would appreciate their involvement and participation.

Ask them to contact me at MCIL by phone on 0203 397 3119 or by email on inclusion@mertoncil.org.uk

Many thanks for engaging with MCIL here.

15:55, 22 Sep 2016 by Charlet Wilson